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Mining and Resumption Law

Property access resumption proposals can raise complex legal and practical issues. Many landowners experience difficulty and stress at times in dealing with those issues.

South Geldard Lawyers have extensive experience assisting owners of residential, rural and commercial properties which are affected by the mining/resource sector or government agencies.

We can assist with:

  • Advising how the process works
  • Undertake negotiation for compensation on your behalf
  • Undertake negotiations of terms and conditions
  • Drafting documentation for access or compensation

Whether it is:

  • An access agreement for exploration (eg. a Conduct and Compensation agreement)
  • An agreement relating to actual mining and resource extraction on your property (eg. access for production)
  • Resumption of part of your property (eg. an easement)
  • Resumption of your entire property
  • Royalty agreements

South Geldard Lawyers can help you deal with what may be a difficult and complex matter.

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