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Mediation is an informal process where an independent third party (called “the Mediator”) assists in resolving a dispute. Mediators are trained in being a neutral facilitator who guides the parties in identifying possible solutions and broadening the range of potential outcomes.

Vicki Jackson is a Nationally Accredited Mediator with over thirty years practical experience as a mediator assisting in resolving disputes in Rockhampton, Rural and Regional Queensland and Brisbane. Vicki mediates disputes about:

  • Family interests in property disputes
  • Family Law
  • Wills and deceased estates
  • Farm debt/Bank
  • Asset ownership
  • Rural industry

Mediation can be an important and effective tool in achieving an outcome within a short time frame and avoiding the need to have a matter escalated to court proceedings. For this reason, mediation can result in being a more cost effective option and also result in the parties reaching agreement with a lot less conflict.

Mediation Calendar

Dates available for mediations are highlighted. If you would like to book a mediation or make an enquiry, please email us or phone (07) 4936 9100.

Our mediation rooms are available for hire. Please contact us for information.

Our Mediation Lawyers