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Wills and Estates

Family Provision Claim

What is a Family Provision Claim?

A Family Provision Claim (FPA) refers to a claim which a person can make against a deceased estate if they have been left out of a will or have not received sufficient for what is described by the law as their “proper maintenance and support”.

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The Importance of Estate Planning Following Separation

When a couple decides to separate there are usually a lot of things to attend to at what is a very trying time. Working out where to live, how childcare arrangements will work, and what steps need to be taken to ‘uncouple’ other areas of your life are all time-consuming priorities to sort out.

having a will

The Importance of Having a Will

From the age of 18, having a will should be considered a serious priority for everyone. A will is a crucial document not only for its owner, but for all of that person’s family and friends.

Give Money To Charity Gray

How to Leave Money to Charity

An unfortunate but sometimes inevitable consequence of preparing your Will is that your loved ones start squabbling over who gets what once you die. But apart from family, many people also prefer to leave some or…

Digital Assets Estate Planning Lawyers Rockhampton

Digital Assets and Your Estate Plan

For years, legal and financial professionals have stressed the importance of proper estate planning. We’re told that creating a will and taking all of the associated steps is the best way to…