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With separation comes the need to make decisions and reach agreements that will have long-term consequences for you and your family.

Our family lawyers Rockhampton have the experience to provide easy to understand practical advice tailored to your particular circumstances.


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How Our Family Lawyers Can Help

Our experience extends to complex litigations where clients receive the benefit of our law firm’s full-service approach and commercial background.

Our legal team is experienced in attending Court and advocating for our clients (where necessary) however we promote a conciliatory approach to resolving disputes by encouraging the use of mediation and other forms of negotiation processes to assist in achieving early and cost-effective resolutions that are best for clients and their family.

At South Geldard Lawyers we also offer fixed fee first appointments.

Rockhampton Family Lawyers


Family law is an intricate field that addresses various aspects of familial relationships, such as separation, divorce, property settlements, binding financial agreements, parenting issues and surrogacy. At South Geldard Lawyers, our experienced family lawyers recognise the emotional and financial strain these matters can place on clients and their families. That is why we are dedicated to offering tailored legal solutions designed to help navigate this challenging system with confidence and ease.

Separation and Divorce

South Geldard Lawyers has considerable expertise in handling both separation and divorce cases, as they’re two of the most frequently dealt with matters. After a relationship has broken down, difficult decisions must often be made as to how assets will be divided and who will have primary care of children. Our lawyers have a proven track record in supporting clients through this difficult process by offering practical advice and assistance on all aspects of separation and divorce matters.

One of the primary components of any separation or divorce proceeding is property division. Either both parties will agree upon how to divide assets and liabilities or the court will make its own determination; our lawyers can help negotiate an equitable and reasonable property settlement that takes your unique needs and circumstances into account.

Binding Financial Agreements

A binding financial agreement (BFA) is a legally-binding contract that sets out how the assets and liabilities of couples will be divided in the event of their separation or divorce. A BFA may be signed before, during, or after marriage or de facto relationships and can cover a range of topics such as property ownership, maintenance payments and superannuation benefits.

South Geldard Lawyers can assist in crafting a Business Friends Agreement (BFA) that suits your needs and protects your interests. We can also offer advice regarding its potential advantages and disadvantages and when entering one may be appropriate.

Parenting Issues

Parenting issues are among the most emotionally charged aspects of family law. When parents separate or divorce, arrangements must be made for their children’s care and welfare – this may involve decisions about where they will live, when and with which parent and major decisions about their upbringing will be made.

At South Geldard Lawyers, we understand the unique circumstances of every family are important and take the time to listen and understand our clients’ circumstances. We provide practical advice and guidance for all aspects of parenting issues while helping our clients negotiate a parenting plan tailored specifically to them and their children.

Property Settlements

After the dissolution of a marriage or de facto relationship, parties must divide assets and liabilities equitably among themselves. This process may become complex if there are significant assets or debts for either side to divide. At South Geldard Lawyers, we can assist in crafting a fair property settlement tailored specifically to your unique circumstances and needs.

We can advise you on all of the assets that could be included in a property settlement, such as real estate, bank accounts, investments and superannuation funds. Furthermore, we will advise on various options available to divide property such as sale, transfer or retention.


Surrogacy, or surrogacy arrangements, is an increasingly complex area of family law involving the use of surrogate mothers to carry children for another person or couple. Surrogacy arrangements may be made through an agency or privately, involving numerous legal and ethical considerations.

South Geldard Lawyers offer advice and guidance on all aspects of surrogacy, from its legal requirements and implications for parties involved to potential implications on children and families.

Family law can be an emotional, complex subject with significant ramifications for individuals and their families. At South Geldard Lawyers, our goal is to provide our clients with compassionate yet strategic legal representation that helps them meet their goals while safeguarding their best interests.

No matter the stage or stage of life you find yourself at in relation to separation, divorce, property settlement, parenting issues or surrogacy; our knowledgeable family lawyers offer expert guidance and support through every stage. Every family is different – that’s why we take the time to listen to our clients and understand their individual situations before tailoring tailored legal solutions that meet both your needs and help achieve optimal results.

Extensive Experience

Our professional team has extensive experience in a wide range of legal areas. Our approach is one of planning and involvement. We will continue to be there to support you with accurate and timely advice.