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We help a diverse range of businesses and individuals involved in all courts in Queensland, as well as a range of tribunals and commissions in the Federal Circuit Court of Australia and the Federal Court of Australia.

For most people, the mere thought of becoming involved in any sort of legal dispute is unpleasant, if not intimidating.  In addition to the potential expense involved, the stress associated with civil litigation or defending a charge or prosecution can be overwhelming for the average person.

With our experience and expertise in litigation and dispute resolution, we can assist you whether it is a simple debt collection or in complex commercial litigation.

Going to Court is a big step and we will be with you every step of the way. Our South Geldard Lawyers will help you to work out the important parts of your case and then work with you in determining the best way to get the results you need.  Sometimes, the best way forward is not to go to Court at all and mediation could be the answer.  When the time comes, you will know you have made the best decision with a hardworking and dedicated team on your side.


Expert Litigation and Dispute, Rockhampton.

Being involved in a dispute can be daunting. Our experienced Rockhampton litigation lawyers can help with all aspects of commercial law – debt recovery, contract disputes, property disputes, employment disputes, corporate disputes/insolvency procedures, partnership dissolutions restraint of trade building/construction disputes insurance claims defending investigations prosecutions Land Court proceedings Planning & Environment Court hearings

Debt Recovery

Debt recovery can be a time-consuming and stressful process. Our litigation lawyers offer expert guidance on debt collection strategies and procedures, such as letters of demand, court hearings, and enforcement of judgments.

Contract and Business Disputes

Businesses may experience disagreements due to a variety of sources, such as contracts, business agreements, and professional relationships. Our dispute lawyers offer comprehensive representation for all aspects of contract and business disputes – negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation.

Property Disputes

Property disputes can be complex and involve multiple parties. Our litigation lawyers offer expert guidance on all types of property disputes, such as boundary disagreements, easements, and damage claims.

Employment Disputes

Employment disputes can have a major effect on your business, making it essential to have legal counsel to safeguard your interests. Our business lawyers specialise in all types of employment disputes such as unfair dismissal claims, discrimination claims and workplace harassment complaints.

Corporate Disputes and Insolvency

Are your business facing financial strain? Our Rockhampton litigation lawyers offer expert guidance on all aspects of corporate disputes and insolvency, such as voluntary administration, receivership, and liquidation.

Partnership Dissolutions

When dissolving a business partnership, it’s essential that the process be handled correctly in order to avoid disputes and safeguard your interests. Our dispute lawyers offer expert guidance on all aspects of partnership dissolutions, from negotiating the terms of dissolution to settling any disputes that may arise.

Restraint of Trade

Are you facing a restraint of trade issue? Our commercial lawyers can offer expert guidance on your rights and options, including drafting and enforcing restraint of trade agreements as well as defending against claims for restraint of trade violations.

Building and Construction Disputes

Building and construction disputes can be intricate, involving multiple parties. Our dispute lawyers offer expert guidance on all types of building and construction disputes, such as defects claims, payment disputes, and building contract disagreements.

Insurance Claims

Are you facing an insurance claim? Our litigation lawyers offer expert guidance on all types of claims, such as property damage claims, personal injury cases, and professional indemnity disputes.

Defending Investigations and Prosecutions

If your business is facing an investigation or prosecution, our business attorneys can offer expert guidance on your rights and options; including defending against regulatory prosecutions as well as representing you in court.

Land Court Proceedings

Do you need expert legal guidance with a Land Court issue? Our commercial lawyers offer expert insight on all types of proceedings related to land valuation, easements, and compensation claims.

Planning and Environment Court Proceedings

Are you facing a planning or environment problem? Our dispute lawyers offer expert guidance on all types of Planning and Environment Court hearings, such as development application disputes, enforcement notices, and environmental protection orders.

Why Choose Our Commercial Litigation & Dispute Lawyers in Rockhampton?

We understand that every business is unique. That is why our team of litigation and dispute lawyers tailor legal solutions to fit the specific requirements of each client. With a proven track record for success, you can rest assured knowing we offer prompt, efficient, and cost-effective legal services.


Vicki Jackson Consultant
Gordon Stünzner Director
Clarrisa Moore Special Counsel
Ted Orange Senior Lawyer
Myles Heath Lawyer
Eva Tzioutzias Lawyer

Extensive Experience

Our professional team has extensive experience in a wide range of legal areas. Our approach is one of planning and involvement. We will continue to be there to support you with accurate and timely advice.