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Round 3 of the Carbon Farming Advice Scheme (CFAS) opens on Monday 17th July 2023

Round 3 of the Carbon Farming Advice Scheme (CFAS)

Landowners can apply for a rebate of up to $10,000 (including GST) worth of Carbon Farming Advice from Land Restoration Fund Approved Advisers from Monday 17 July 2023 until:

  • Sunday 17 December 2023; or
  • The total scheme funding of $700,000 is exhausted.

New CFAS requirements

There are new CFAS requirements:

  • Landholders must submit their own Applications.
    Approved Advisers and third parties cannot submit on behalf of landholders.
  • Quotes now required
    Landholders must upload quotes from Approved Advisers as part of the application process. Landholders may select the adviser of their choosing – they are not obliged to select the cheapest quote.
  • New reporting standards
    Reports and invoices from Approved Advisers must meet new minimum standards set out in the CFAS Standards Guide.
  • New payment process
    QRIDA will now pay Approved Adviser invoices directly instead of reimbursing landholders the cost of the invoice.

For more information on all new requirements, go to the CFAS page on QRIDAs website or view the 15 minute webinar on YouTube


As well as meeting the eligibility criteria set out in the CFAS Guidelines, landowners will require the following documents when applying to QRIDA’s online portal:

  • Approved Adviser quote/s
    Landholders need to provide a minimum of one quote from Approved Advisers from the categories ‘Solicitor’ and ‘Accountant’, or a minimum of two quotes from all other categories.
  • Evidence of land ownership
    Evidence that the applicant is an eligible landholder, confirming ownership of the property/ies at which advice is sought. This can include a local council rates notice, the lease document, or the licence or permit which grants the applicant occupation rights. In the case of land reserves, applicants must be the trustee of the reserve.
  • ID verification
    At least two ID documents with at least one form of clearly legible, government-issued, photograph ID is required.

Please read the CFAS Guidelines for information on the application process.

Our Approved Adviser

Clarrisa Moore of our firm is an Approved Adviser with the Land Restoration Fund. Contact Clarrisa on  (07) 4936 9100 or at if you would like to arrange an appointment


It is important to seek specific advice from Rockhampton lawyers, Brisbane, and Yeppoon lawyers regarding your circumstances as this fact sheet provides general information only and does not constitute legal advice.