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Certificate of Title’s – A Thing of the Past

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Paper certificates of title are no longer evidence of legal ownership because of recent changes to the Land Title Act 1994 (Qld) which have transitioned from the land titles system in Queensland from a paper based to an electronic system.

Soon, all conveyances of property in Queensland will be settled electronically. Abolishing paper certificates of title is a significant step towards this goal.

The electronic Land Title Registry is now the record of ownership of property in Queensland.

If you are in possession of a paper certificate of title you are not required to hand it in to the Land Title Registry for destruction.  You can use it for ornamental purposes.

At South Geldard Lawyers in Rockhampton, we are an early adopter of the technology required to transfer property electronically. In doing so we are providing our clients with greater security and ensuring their conveyance is handled efficiently.

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