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Do You Have a Retail Shop Lease?

Lease Retail Shop

The Queensland Parliament recently passed legislation to amend the Retail Shop Leases Act 1994. Most amendments are designed to:

  • Reduce red tape and compliance costs for both Lessors and Lessees;
  • Address the imbalance in access to information and negotiating power;
  • Exclude certain leases from the provisions of the Act; and
  • Clarify disclosure provisions.

Some of the benefits for Lessors include:

  • excluding leases with floor area greater than 1000 square metres;
  • clarifying when a Lessor Disclosure Statement is not defective;
  • allowing the Lessor to recover certain costs when a lease does not proceed;
  • excluding the Lessor from liability for compensation in some cases where the Lessee’s business is disrupted.

Some of the benefits for Lessees include:

  • requiring Lessor disclosure on renewal of an option;
  • allowing for certain disclosure to franchisees;
  • only requiring a Lessee to refurbish where the lease sets out sufficient details of the extent of the refurbishment;
  • requiring a break down of Centre Management fees to be provided;
  • providing for the release of an assigning Lessee and their guarantors.

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It is important to seek specific advice regarding your circumstances as this fact sheet provides general information only and does not constitute legal advice.