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The lawyer’s role in your family law matter

The lawyer’s role in your family law matter

It goes without saying that in life and legal practice, no other event or area of law involves as much sensitivity and trauma as family law.

Often clients misunderstand the lawyer’s role in representing their interests. Rockhampton Lawyers have professional responsibilities to ensure that they act to protect their client’s rights and interests however lawyers are also officers of the court and have an overriding duty to the court. Therefore, lawyers play an important role in the administration of justice.

To ensure clients understand the role of the lawyer, we set out certain best-practice objectives to which we follow to ensure the quality of our services:

  1. To encourage, advise and assist you to isolate the issues in dispute and to develop relevant options to resolve them (where possible) in co-operation with the other party and their legal representative so as to reach an agreement by negotiation rather than by contested litigation.
  2. To assist in promoting the welfare of any children as the first and paramount consideration by encouraging cooperation and consultation between parents in decision-making regarding their children.
  3. To encourage full and frank disclosure of all information relevant to the matters in dispute
  4. To provide open and honest advice as to the merits and probable outcome of the case.
  5. To reduce personal emotions by giving advice regarding the conduct of the other party, to represent interests rather than anger.
  6. To advise, negotiate and conduct proceedings in order to assist and encourage parties to resolve differences as quickly as reasonable, while allowing one or both parties to deal with the breakdown of the relationship.
  7. To promote family law practice and procedure to achieve the efficient handling and resolution of the family law matter and compliance with directions of the court, orders, agreements, and terms of a settlement.

Our experienced Rockhampton family lawyers, led by an Accredited Family Law Specialist at South Geldard Lawyers in Rockhampton can help. Please contact us on (07) 4936 9100 to arrange an appointment for advice on family law matters such as:


It is important to seek specific advice regarding your circumstances as this fact sheet provides general information only and does not constitute legal advice.