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What is e-Conveyancing?

E Conveyancing

Electronic conveyancing allows your property transaction to be completed faster, securely and in a more efficient way through the online property exchange PEXA, with the documents needed for property conveyancing being digitally prepared, signed, settled and lodged.

The benefits to you:

  • Whether you are purchasing or selling, property transactions can be completed online.
  • Online document checks bring you greater certainty of successful, on-time settlement allowing you to take ownership of your property.
  • Transfer documents are prepared and signed electronically.
  • Your sale proceeds will be transferred as cleared funds to your account.
  • Settlements are done by exchanging documents and funds online.
  • Documents are lodged instantly.
  • Keep up-to-date with the status of your settlement.

Our Practice Manager, Susan Gauci, has overseen the implementation of online property transactions in our firm. We are PEXA registered and ready to settle your property transaction online now.

It is important to seek specific advice regarding your circumstances as this fact sheet provides general information only and does not constitute legal advice.