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Financial Agreements (sometimes referred to as “pre nuptial agreements”) are private agreements that do not need the review of the Court. These agreements deal with how a couple intends to divide their property and superannuation in the event of separation or after separation has occurred. They can also include any agreement reached regarding spouse maintenance.

Financial agreements are regularly associated with the rich and famous.  However, they can be a very practical step to protect the assets of the parties’ entering a marriage or a de facto relationship, in the event of a relationship breakdown.

A Financial Agreement can be entered into:

  • Before marriage or before living together;
  • During marriage or during a de facto relationship;
  • After separation; or
  • After divorce.

Financial agreements are very complex legal documents and can only be completed with solicitor involvement, as they require certificates of legal advice to be executed on behalf of each party.

When a Financial Agreement is drafted and entered into correctly, it will be considered binding and the setting aside of such an agreement can be a difficult and usually expensive process.

We can provide you with advice about whether a Financial Agreement may be appropriate in your circumstances and assist you to ensure your agreement is properly documented to minimise the risk of a dispute if separation occurs.

We recommend you contact our family lawyers Rockhampton to get an understanding of your potential obligations or entitlements of a financial agreement.


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