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Practically speaking, a body corporate is the legal entity established, in accordance with applicable laws through the subdivision and registration of land to create a “community titles scheme” such as a duplex, residential unit block, townhouse complex, high rise accommodation building, shopping complex or business park.

As a legal entity, the body corporate, includes all of the owners in the community titles scheme, has certain duties and powers including:

  • Maintenance, management and control of the common property on behalf of owners
  • Determining the levies to be paid by the owners
  • Making and enforcing community rules, called by-laws, which dictate what owners and others living in or using the community property can and cannot do
  • Securing insurance on behalf of owners, such as building insurance and public risk insurance over the common property
  • Management and control of its assets
  • Record keeping

If disputes arise, there are several options for resolution including self-resolution, conciliation and adjudication. If all else fails, our Property Lawyers Rockhampton are willing and able provide the legal guidance and representation you need.


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