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In Queensland there are several circumstances in which individuals or businesses may need a licence for water use.

For example, you will need one if you want to use surface water from a watercourse, lake or spring for:

  • Irrigation
  • Industrial or commercial purposes
  • Stock and domestic use (if the land does not adjoin the water source)

Depending on the use, you may need a licence to store or impound surface water. In accordance with the Water Act 2000, water licenses are also required for the use of overland flow water and underground water. In any case, failing to get a licence can have serious consequences. Specifically, you may face prosecution for:

  • Unauthorised taking or supplying of water
  • Unauthorised interfering with water
  • Contravening a condition of a water licence
  • Tampering with a device used under the Act to measure the volume of water taken, or the rate and time of taking of water

Alternatively you may have a query with subdividing or transferring a water allocation or even with how to deal with your water assets in your Will.

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